The Real Story: The Person Burnt Alive In Lagos By An Angry Mob Was Not A 7 Year Old Boy Who Stole Garri


No one is in support of jungle justice, but the informations that we’ve gathered concerning the whole incident, Read Our Previous Report Here has made us realize that the thief and his gang had brought so much pain and agony to so many families in Alafia, and that was what made the residents there to take laws into their hands– they did what they did because they felt the Police and the law won’t give the culprit the right justice he deserved and might even go scot-free

Number one Fact is the thief Did not steal Garri But A Phone

Number two he is not 7 years old he is in his early 20’s.

A Twitter user had shared that he knew the ‘man’ who was been lynched to death at the time…

He shared:


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  1. Ur fada u that tweet that boy is 20 may God punish u goat like u create ur own story animal nah ur fada phone he steal all of u that burnt that boy may GOD BURN U ALIVE NAHMA AWU MEEEH

  2. I share my condolences who a way or the other lost a relative,God shall restore your peace ✌ and joy 😂 again.

  3. this is wickesness n i’m sure God will not forgive any one of them who contributd in d killing of dis boi. has d death of dis boi ended d problem of nig? d real criminals are roaming d streets with crazy rides, having fun. yet a little boi of dat age stole gharri to eat n he was killed. let d killers check themselvs out r dey clean? they also are criminals in one way or d other. dis art is heartbreaking for real. Lets learn not to cast d 1st stone. kuś a blood is already on there head though.

  4. God will surely punish them for their wrong deeds. My condolence goes to the family of this inoc innocent and hungry small boy may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  5. The guy that ends that boys life is a killer the way he killed him people do alot of things more then that you dont kill some one for people to see even wat they will see yours but not his sooo noone will be live and killing someone like that you have to be carful his memmbers melt come after you or your childern

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