Photos: Nigerian Girl, Chioma Mary Who Got Her Heart Broken By Her Boyfriend Cries Uncontrollably On Facebook (Must See)



This beautiful young lady, Princess Chioma Mary, is heartbroken after her man dumped her recently like a bag of hot potato.ssdd11111111

She took to Facebook to share her pain with her followers – but instead of sympathizing with her, people are mocking her appearance. They’re saying her boyfriend dumped her because she looks like an “Ibadan girl”.

What does that even mean?!?

She wrote: “I gave him all my heart and all he did to me is this??? Following my heart is the worst mistakes I always make… Don’t blame me for posting this but I got to.” ssdd111ssdd1111ssdd11111ssdd111111ssdd1111111

After the bashing she received that she looked ugly when crying…she shared some beautiful photos:


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