7-year Old Boy Lynched In Lagos For Stealing Garri (Photos)


A 7-year old boy was reportedly lynched in the Badagry area of Lagos for attempting to steal N30 garri from a trader’s shop.

It is unclear why the Nigerian Police did not respond to the situation. Jungle justice is fairly common in many Nigerian cities, where the sense that the system cannot provide justice compels mobs to mete out immediate ‘justice’.


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  1. This jungle justice of a thing is inhumane and should be stopped.
    Beating the boy and apprehending(Inprisoning) lateron is very much okay…
    Government should have a say on this…

  2. Haba,na hungry worry dis boy, afterall he is a small child. May God punish all the prosecutors. Lagosian change frm dis bad habit and stop taking d law into ur hand

  3. if u could beat up a 7yrs old child! 4 attempting 2 steal ordinary garri! now! tell me, wot av u don 2 those around u dat az bin stealing millions of # & $ either by trick or korokoro.

  4. And nobody can stop them from beating this boy,oh God this is pure wickedness,right now am crying hard,it so sad,he is just my junior brother at home dat sometimes take my meat,and we just caution him not to do dat again,this is evil

  5. How can people be so inhuman that he stole 30naira garri doesn’t it show its hunger?may God have mercy on these heartless beings

  6. guys pls stop all this nonsense the little boy did this out of hunger why doing this to him God wil never forgive u people u will die a shameful death he did the wrong thing but u should not have punish him like this he is only 7 years old u should flog him with cane and leave him u guys should go and kill ur President buhari before killing that boy nonsense buhari is better u die in that chair cos innocent people are suffering because of u

  7. Can u give life? You take it? Have u never stolen before? All how watched without doing anything his blood is on u. U could have ask me to pay. Remember the words of JESUS on the last day I would ask u. I was hungry did u give me food to eat?

  8. Wat an inhuman act is dat y not decipline dat small child and let him go rader Dan killing the boy…are we not awear of d ciquarnol of d country.. Is disgusting.. Y DAT child!! Why!!

  9. Remember when they brought the prostitute woman to Jesus to Stone her to death and the answer Jesus Christ gave to them.
    This is very wicked who hasn’t commite a call crime before, if is not because of hunger would he do that. Nigeria government should send those who burnt the child life imprisonment.

  10. This Is Wickedness.Why Will They Take The Little Boy Life Because Of 30 naira Garri. May God Have Mercy On Them.

  11. May the Almighty God forgive u for what u have done. Besides,he is a little boy of age 7. In fact thunder strike wona heads.

  12. Ordinary 30 naira garri they are supposed to sue d people who suggested they burn this little boy dis is not right

  13. Is there anybody perfect people who killed this boy can come to sure that since they were born they haven’t stole what a shame for you Nigeria Police you are not respond when this boy lynching unless if you want #50.00 from driver or Okada rider what a shame Nigeria police but those people who are lynched that are very wicked indeed 7 years old if Country good what will make 7 years old ordinary Garri #30.00 our can you imagine only you and your family are enjoying God dey God will judge

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