‘I can never be with someone who makes me unhappy all in the name of love or wealth’- Iyabo Ojo

Top actress and movie maker, Iyabo Ojo has just dished out advice to ladies on love and marriage.


The single mum of 2 wrote on instagram; ‘I dont get it too, why do i ve to be with someone who makes me so unhappy all in d name of love? Loneliness? wealth? Status? Family? Society? Hell! No!!!!!! my happiness comes first always;)am sure if i wasnt happy i wont be able to give my kids n those around me so much love n happiness, even my adopted kids love me silly & i love them too, its bcos am happy thats why i can give happiness thats why i can show so much love ;)this is living!!! Build great & sweet memories thats ur moment & thats all u own, Love ur God, ur self n those who love u, run away from people who make u miserable & very unhappy, life is just too too short to waste or think of what pple will say about u, pls tell me, who made them judge over ur life, no one has d right to make u unhappy, when & if u find that root hold on to it & love it with all ur heart but if u dont pls pls dont stop living, do things that bring joy & gladness to ur soul, u will 4ever be young @ heart, note! no one is going to die with u or 4 u, learn to guide ur heart jealousy, A broken heart is like a sinking ship!!! Be careful who u sacrifice ur happiness 4!!!! Happy Sunday famz 😙😙 enjoy’

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