“It Started With a “Hey” On Facebook, Now We are Engaged,” Lady Shares Her Lovely Love story

This pretty Lady Shares her beautiful loves story on her Facebook page.

Read what she wrote below:

It all started with “hey” 2years ago on Facebook and you know how some girls (me) are,  we would reply yearsss later well I replied like 12 days later and he said “I know your sis” in my mind I said “see this one famzing” cut story short I kept relying after he sends a message especially when I knew we are over 600 million miles apart,  until we clicked… We all know how it goes from their…
We kept in touch and fell in love along the way , saw him for the first time last year and upon our second meeting this year I said yes to my best friend (the best friend I have actually), my brother, my lover, my KNIGHT @cashmyle.
So yeaaaa I cut the long story short sha . I’m engaged,… Whoop! whoop!

Nice one girl… She’s so lucky.. We are happy for her.


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