Read the ASTONISHING thing Genevieve Nnaji said about speaking with Nigerian accent

Speaking at an interactive session for the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), star actress Genevieve Nnaji revealed that international filmmakers should stop using actors from other countries to play Nigerians. She also added that there are Nigerian actors who can play the role perfectly.

“Our accent is distinct. I always cringe when I hear a black actor who is not Nigerian speak like us. You can’t forge the Nigerian accent. I love all my people from South Africa and Kenya but our accent is unique. Little things like that natter. At least put an authenticity in your films.” She said.

Genevieve, who is often regarded as Africa’s best actress, also spoke on the misconception some people have about there not being a market for Nigerian movies.

She said: “There is a market for Nigerian movies. Because our films resonate with every country that has a culture. We tell stories people can identify with.” She was at the event alongside filmmaker Kunle Afolayan

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