Why Mercy Aigbe is queen on instagram

Mercy Aigbe reigns supreme on Instagram with over 1.3million followers


Stylish actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry became a media sensation through a blend of her talent, elegance and adroit use of instagram.Mercy Aigbe exploded from relative obscurity when she joined Nollywood in 2006.

Through tenacity and hard work, she recently emerged an instagram heavyweight hitting the 1m followers milestone and unveiling her website cum app.

mercy6Undoubtedly, her instagram page is a combination of professional photos,  selfies,  elegant pictures of her dashing outfits , movie location videos and lot’s more. The good news is that her fans clearly love it.

What is her secret?

The Osaz actress maximizes a social media approach called Mass Intimacy. This strategy fosters an emotional bond with followers, regular communications and approachable outlook

  1. Sell something

vllkyt7mfhbvddcvu-643dd57fTruth be told, a lot of ladies follow Mercy Aigbe not just because she acts well, but also as a result of the fact that she is considered a style icon. She trended earlier this year for her AMVCA outburst and rant which gave her loads of visibility. Mercilicious as she is fondly called leverages on her chic stance to garner more followers. I know ladies who visit her instagram page just to check out the latest outfit she is clad in and also possible styles to choose from.  Having an enviable social media presence is a function of offering fans and followers something unique and relevant.

  1. Engage your fans



When it comes to her fans, Mercy relates with them like a sister-next door. Her personable approachable attitude makes them click the like button on her posts and  follow her. When she celebrated her 1m followers on Instagram, she organized a competition where her fans  won cash prizes.

According to Sprout Social:” Engagement is not just a single interaction with one of your customers, but a open line of communication over a period of time. While the term “customer relationship” may come to mind, engagement is still slightly different and on it’s own level. When we think about social media engagement, it’s about how you use networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to create a great customer experience. You want to be there there for your patrons through the thick and thin of it.”



  1. Relatable Content

In the social media space, content is king. When posting content ,authenticity is paramount. When you come across Mercy Aigbe’s posts you can sense she is the real deal. She isn’t trying to make her fans like her. She keeps it real and in the process the likes keeps showing up. Authenticity can be very important on social media, without which audiences could be alienated.

According to Adweek.com,:”When asked what they want, consumers ranked ‘Honesty about products and services’ highest. 91 percent of consumers want the brands they follow to be authentic in their posts; 61 percent wanted to hear about product utility; 60 percent wanted to hear about brand appeal, and only 39 percent wanted to hear about brand popularity.”

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