Yvonne Nelson caught kissing an actor at ‘Heels & Sneakers’ Premiere

Yvonne Nelson probably wanted everyone to see these photos that went viral during her movie premiere at the Silverbird Cinemas, Accra Mall, Ghana.

After the movie had ended, Yvonne and her cast walked out of the auditorium to have some interaction with the crowd and also take photos. During that moment, Yvonne and multi media presenter Jason El-Agha in one of their interviews for a TV station were seen ‘kissing’ for the camera.

If you think the first kiss was an act or done in error, you’re so so wrong. We gathered that the pair had the second and a third kiss that earned them an applause from the fans who trooped to the venue to watch the series. Clearly, the cheers from the fans showed that they loved what the two did.

In the series, Yvonne Nelson plays the role of a lecturer wooed by Jason who is her student.

So now I guess you know where the kissing started and why it was very easy for Yvonne and Jason to give three shots of kiss on the night.

Watch “Heels & Sneakers” trailer here:

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