Ladies, If Your Answer to These 16 Questions is 'Yes', Just Know that You're Marrying the WRONG Man

Marriage is really amazing but only if the partners are right for each other. These are signs that your man is not the right one.


Do you answer yes to these questions or deep down your gut is telling you something is just not right, please do NOT marry that man.

These red flags will help you know if you’re in the wrong relationship.

1. Is he rude to his parents?

How he treats his parents (and the rest of the family) indicates how he will eventually treat you. Does he expect his mom to baby him? Does he talk back to his dad? Expect the same treatment in a few years.

2. Has he ever made you feel silly because of your beliefs or values?

Love is being able to completely be yourself around someone. If he has ever belittled you because of your faith, morals or even political views, he doesn’t respect you. He doesn’t have to agree with all your beliefs, but he absolutely needs to respect them.

3. Has he ever cheated?

Anyone who has cheated before is 3.5 times more likely to cheat again, according to a study by a University of Denver grad student. No matter if he cheated on you, with you or before you were ever in the picture, an unfaithful history is a serious red flag.

4. Would he be upset if you looked at his phone?

You shouldn’t obsessively search through his texts and Facebook messages, but you both should be living an honest and open life with each other. Would you be upset if he searched your phone? Would he be upset if you did the same to his? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, your relationship isn’t ready for marriage.

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