What a Kenyan Man Faking Blindness Did After People Refused to Give Him Money for Hours Will Shock You (Photos)

See how a man pretending to be blind and disabled shocked people after they refused to give him money for hours.
The unidentified man pretending to be disabled.
Passersby were left totally mortified after a Kenyan man pretendin to be blind and disabled got frustrated, stood up from his wheelchair and pushed it along the streets after people refused to give him money after begging for hours.
This is how Pchirchir Elisha shared the experience on Facebook. He wrote: “NGARA NAIROBI. 
“MIRACLES do happen!!! (In fact, when you people are mean. No ‘offerings’) – It happened on Sunday at Ngara Nairobi. 
“This “blind” man on wheelchair, SEEING no money coming his
way, rose up and walked! He angrily pushed his own wheelchair… He
couldn’t even fall after a distance!
“This is spectacular!”
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