Ghallywood's Actor Majid Michel Finds God


Ghanaian actor Majid Michel shared a photo on Instagram that has got everyone talking.

In his post, Majid revealed he has found God after believing for a long time that he doesn’t exist. According to him, his gazing at the sky brought about his new faith in Christ.

“Lord God i have never spoken to you. But now i want to say…how do you do? You see God, they told me you didn’t exist and like a fool i believed all this. Last night from standing outside, i saw your sky and i figured right then they had told me a lie. Had i taken time to see the things you made i’d have known they weren’t calling a spade a spade. I wonder God if you’ll take my hand. Somehow i feel that u’d understand. Funny i had to come to this hellish place before i had time to see your face. Well i guess there isn’t much more to say but I’m sure glad God i met you today. Like the zero hour will soon be here but I’m not afraid since i know you are near . The signal… well…God I’ll have to go. i like you lots i want you to know. Looks like this will be a horrible fight who knows, i may come to your house tonight. Though i wasn’t friendly to you before i wonder God if U’ll wait at your door. Look…I’m crying… i’m shedding tears i’ll have to go now God, goodbye…. Strange…now, since i met you, I’m not afraid to die . #LEADERSHIP,” he wrote. Apparently, Majid is all for Christ and living right.and he is clearly not keeping his new found faith a secret. As shocking as this is, it is refreshing to see a popular celeb be proud about his faith and relationship with God.”

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  1. I pray the good lord b with u and heal all ur wounds. I call on the mighty to shower u with his blood upon u and to get better. Have faith majid and all will b ok. Never lose the little faith u got. He is very true, just open ur heart and let him in. God bless u.amen.

  2. brother I don’t know why but i whant to talk to u ok if u get to see dis try ur best to get me ok thanks (0269724374) thanks

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