Actress Chioma Chukwuka Shares Her marital Exprience


Wonder how actress, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha has been able to sustain her marriage after being married for over a decade, while those who married after her have had broken marriages. Sharing her experience, Chioma stated: “I don’t think there’s any marriage that does not have challenges.

Except the one Jesus and the church.” The actress further added that her husband doesn’t get jealous, though he sometimes complains about her non-availability at home. But she always tries to manage the situation as much as she could.

It would be mentioned that the actress previously preached the following: “I have learnt a lot from been a married woman because it only take the Grace of God for two people who are completely different to stay together for the rest of their lives. One major thing I have learnt is patience and perseverance. One needs to tolerate one another.

I and my husband not just see ourselves as being married; we are also friends”.  Would you follow her marital experience?

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