7 things we don’t like in a guy (For Ladies Only)

Almost every lady wants to get married someday but do they, at some point, question why they haven’t said yes to the other proposals in their past? Some ladies find it hard to commit themselves in any kind of relationship because of very few things they claim they don’t like in a guy. Let’s take a look at some of those reasons:

1.) Unintelligent Men

I have a problem with men who are not brilliant, smart or even intelligent. What’s our discussion going to be like? Unintelligent men are shallow and short sighted. They cannot even think for themselves or make sense out of nothing. Most of them can neither create business ideas nor anything that can bring us money.  What’s their use?

2.) Lousy Men

These men get me angry every time. Ever being in a gathering where only one guy’s voice tops everyone else’s or he talks when no one wants to listen? It’s different when he’s the life of the party. This one just loves talking and making noise.

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