5 Signs Your New Guy Is Crazy About You


1. He calls or texts you.
Often. I don’t care how busy he is, he’ll find a way to be in contact with you every single day. Probably several times a day. Think about the busiest times of your life. If you’ve really liked a guy, you’ve found time to send a text off. I remember being so busy at work that I thought my head was going to explode. I sent a text off to my boyfriend in the bathroom stall. It took about four seconds. If a guy likes you a lot, all you need to do is look at your phone. If he goes silent for few days, there’s a reason why. He’s not that into you. It sucks but there you have it. Don’t respond by calling and texting. If you do, you’ll just be that annoying psycho girl who won’t leave him alone. One call or text and if he doesn’t respond soon, it’s time to move on.
2. He lets you into his inner circle. If you’ve been dating for several weeks and you have yet to meet anyone he knows, there’s a problem. If he has young children, that’s the exception in my book. It took me two months before I let my boyfriend meet my children. That said, if he’s going out of his way to hide you from anyone who knows him, you’re not a keeper. In fact, you’re probably not that important to him either. The reasons why are irrelevant so don’t spend too much time lamenting over it. It’s a bummer but it’s time to move on.
3. He dates you. If your “dates” have become late nighters that
include some TV time and s*x and that’s about it, you’ve become a “friend with benefits.” And if you’ve started sleeping with your guy before marriage, you’ve made a big huge mistake and it’s likely not be fixable. Lesson learned. A guy who really likes you wants to go out and show you off. He wants to get to know you and have fun with you.
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