This Woman Prayed For Her Own Son To Die, But What Happened Next is Unbelievable (Photos)


The identified as Nneka Anyachebelu, gave birth to an autistic son 18 years ago and thought her life had caved in with misery.

According to Nneka Anyachebelu, when her son was born with autism, she thought her world was in shambles as she was made to pay extra attention to certain things she had not been prepared for. She had admittedly prayed for her son to die, to escape her reality and misery.

However, 18 years down the line, her story has changed from one of sorrow and regret, to joy and happiness as well as gratitude.

Below is what she had to say about her touching story:


I PRAYED FOR HIM TO DIE. Don’t judge me, wait until you hear me out.


He was a healthy awesome child when I had him but by age 2 we noticed there was something wrong. There was no eye contact, he could not talk, didn’t understand instructions, and so many other bad vibes.

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