Must Read: Kimberly Reveals The Joy and Beauty Behind a Fufilled Marital S ex Life


Marital S ex is not a sin!

Never Permit Your Husband To Sleep Around; He’s Only Permitted To Sleep Around You!
Never allow his secretary to take your position!

Give him enough S EX!

Dress seductively for your husband! If you are alone in the house put on skimpy dresses, sexy under wears; dress to ‘kill’ him at home before a strange woman ‘kill’ him outside!
Stop tying wrapper round your waist, it makes you look like a village woman! Dress up in front of him! Walk naked in front of him!

Have you read in the holy book that “They were naked and were not ashamed?” He is your husband for God sake!
Don’t be ashamed to flirt with your husband! Grab his p enis when ever you are alone and refuse to let go. Make him beg before you let go.

Bath together, Ask him to wash your v agina while at that!
Eat together, Use your legs on his p enis under the table!
Play together! Get involved in kissing, massaging, fondling!

Make it a habit to sleep without panties except during menstruation. Invite him for a s ex filled night!
Suck his d ick and swallow his s emen. Dont Let any drop escape
Tell him you will win him on bed today! (Halleluyah) Make it a habit to communicate with him about your s ex life!

Be creative. Try to be kinky. Play roles on him. Finger his anus. Do different style that’s convenient for both of you!It is not a sin! Appreciate him as you make love together, never keep quiet as if your mouth is pad lock
Don’t lie down like a dead wood and tell him to hurry up!No man will love to have a”bedroom failure” as a wife!
Enjoy your marriage.

This message is for married women and women who wish to be married

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