Osita Iheme reveals why he is still single and yet to marry

Marriage is a thing of choice and it comes down to those who are ready for it. In the Movie Industry, there are lots of celebrities who are happily married, some are separated while others are yet to get married because of personal reasons.


Nollywood Comic Actor Osita Iheme a.k.a Pawpaw is one of those still enjoying his life as a bachelor. In a recent interview with the Sun, he revealed why he’s still single and also cleared the speculation about having issues with his Nollywood twin brother – Chinedu Ikedieze a.k.a Aki.

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  1. i do agree with you osita….i keep saying the same thing i am nt going an married to someone cause of fame, money or anything else….ppl keep saying dat i sud an i keep saying is nt wat you ppl wants….an i really do admire you love u from one of ur biggest fan

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