Nigerian Celebrity, Burna Boy Under Serious Heat, Accused of a Woman in the UK

Uju Stella has used her regular Instagram page to lash out a Burna Boy for not being a role model figure in the Nigerian society.

Burna baby2

Uju Stella
Uju Stella, the girl who claimed Burna Boy impregnated her is back with a new one. She claims the rapper isn’t fit to be anyone’s role model in a recent IG rant.Her words:

“Ujustella: Do you think u are worthy to be a role model? What are the characteristics for being a role model? What do you teach others from being a role model? Rejection? Hate? …

“As for the mother. I know u have a female daughter, don’t forget that what happened in Mr Cat house can also happen in Mr Rat house.
“This is the same person that r*ped a girl in the UK and couldn’t wait for his trial and ran back to his mother’s land. He keeps running away with the evil he does. But for how long would this continue?”
See a screenshot of the Instagram post:
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