Men and Women are equal in essence and worth – Uche Jombo

Gender Equality is a controversial topic that has been argued over the years. One of those not in support of it is the wife of Oni of Ife – Olori Wuraola Zynab. Fews  days ago, she spoke at the emerging women forum in Maryland USA, where she aired her view about Gender Equality that women need not bother about some issues as they can never be equal to men.

However, Nollywood Actress and Producer –  Uche Jombo Rodriguez who wasn’t in support of the Queen took to her Instagram to clearly express her opinion about Gender Equality.


According to Uche Jombo:

“I have always said it …. We have to understand what gender equality is before the gender equality bill will make sense.
Dear Olori, the reason you can hold a microphone and speak in public rather than at the backyard of the palace cooking jellof rice while your husband travels the world is because women like you fought for us to live life and enjoy it equally like anyone else.
Please see below a summary of what the fight of gender equality is about:

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