The Married Man I Slept With Is Threatening To Release My Photos – Attractive Lady Raises Alarm


Obsession is a psychological disease that could prompt human beings to take very irrational decision. That seems to be the case of a married man who is desperately seeking the hand of his secret lover in marriage and also threatening to divorce his wife and marry her officially against the lady’s will.

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“Have been having affair with this married man for 7 months. I like him. I don’t love him. He was there for me during my intern. we have an intelligence bond not always sex. but I still love my boyfriend any day anytime. My problem now is I ended things with him and he said I cant leave him that he will die.

That he wants to marry me. and he is going to chase his wife out. I said no. Ra rao. Mo gbe!! I don’t want to marry him O. now he stalks me. he said he has asked his wife for a divorce and she is moving out with his daughter soon. I told him I cant do that. He got upset and said he will tell my boyfriend and my parents that I ruin his house. That he must marry me. He threatened he has our Noods. I don’t know if he is lying. I cant lose my boyfriend of 6 years. I love my BF. Please can I call police for him? what can I do? I just want to wed my BF and Leave this mess.”

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