Confusion as Dead Woman’s Coffin Mysteriously Becomes Too Heavy to Be Carried to the Grave by Pallbearers

In what will come across as a most shocking story in recent times, a woman’s coffin has refused to be carried to the grave.

File photo used only for illustrative purpose
The South African village of Transkaai experienced a most shocking development recently after a dead woman’s coffin got too heavy for people to carry.

According to South Africa Latest News, the woman’s husband killed her after she questioned him on his extra marital affairs. The confrontation is said to have gone physical and the husband hit her with a sharp object and she died on the spot.
The woman’s family reportedly refused to accept the death of their daughter and demanded compensation from the husband before burying her.

The husband tried to negotiate with the family because he did not have the R50 000 and 32 cows they wanted.
In the end, the frustrated man decided to go against the family’s demands and bury the woman by force. The woman was taken to be buried but that was when things got strange.

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