Read Comedian Bovi’s Angry Statements About Pastors Who Blackmail Him Into Performing For Free

Bovi is unarguably one of the most gifted comedians of recent times, and he is gaining all the global recognition he deserves.

While the world hurries to buy tickets to his events and pay him handsomely for every appearance, same cannot be said of home and it is all thanks to Pastors who expect him to perform for free.

The comedian apparently had been ignoring this, but he is done enduring the blackmail.

“The worst set of clients to underrate me are church pastors,” Bovi writes today on Snapchat. “The shock they show when I charge. What were you thinking – that I was coming to preach?”

The comedian’s experiences is similar to the many complaints filed by writers, artistes and entertainers who occasionally recount similar experiences.

Well for Bovi, he is done and has taken to social media to not only put the clergymen on the blast, but also affirm that he gives to charity too, but at his own preserve.

Read him:

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