“Best way to know if a man beats his wife is to ask the children” – Emeka Ike


Nollywood actor and president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Ike, has described men who beat their wives as weaklings.

The controversial actor also said the best way to confirm if a man beats up his wife is to ask their children.

Emeka while speaking on Television Continental (TVC), said:

“It’s better to ask a child if his father beats his mother, rather than lies on the social media. Only a child can truly state this because no matter how parents try, they can hardly hide everything especially assault from their children.”

“But then women should stop living these kinds of lives. Too much freedom here and there, doesn’t mean you can’t be free but at least think of your home; stop thinking of social media because those things are like a mirage which will fall like a pack of cards.”

Speaking further the AGN president said he dislikes women who hide their hate for men under the word ‘feminism’.

In his own words:

“I love feminists but not men haters. Not women who come out of a broken home with their husbands being bad to them, then come out to become a social activist and start fighting for women. Let people do thorough research to avoid litigation.”

The actor’s 12-year-old marriage to Suzanne packed up after his wife filed for divorce citing physical assault by her husband.

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