Actress Genevieve Nnaji Rains Insults On Instagram Comedian Who Mocked Black Women

Yesterday, popular Instagram comedian Klintoncod, for unknown reasons, took to his social media to mock black women.

“F*ck black girls,” said the comedian’s friends (including a white lady), and Klinton himself almost rolled over in laughter at the offensive comment.

But his fans didn’t find that post funny.

While many ripped him to shreds, today Genevieve Nnaji who rarely engages folks on social media reposted the video on her Instagram with a terse caption.

“Apparently, he’s a funny guy who cracks jokes,” the screen goddess said, and it was all the nudge her fans needed to get the comedian.

For many of Genevieve’s fans, the actress was only putting the comedian on the blast for the insensitive comment. However, many of those who follow Klintoncod’s skits knew there was more to Nnaji’s repost of his video.

Weeks ago, the comedian took to his social media to blast Nigerian acts and one of those he fired at was Genevieve Nnaji. He called her a joke on Snapchat, and had unkind words for other stars.

Nnaji did not respond to that mockery until today when she reposted the comedian’s gaffe, leaving him to be roasted and dragged on her page, with many people even unfollowing the dude on Instagram.

Nnaji has since deleted the post.

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