Veteran Actor Dele Odule Reveals Most Embarrassing Moment


Veteran Yoruba film actor Dele Odule has revealed his most embarrassing moment was when an unremorseful fan poured water in him. The star actor claimed that the fan poured on him a sachet water and was still wondering why he was annoyed since he is a celebrity.

He said, “The craziest thing was when a fan of mine poured me sachet water. I just highlighted from the car and she splashed the water she was drinking on me. I had to hold myself because I was really angry. She even asked why I was angry, that she did it out of love for me.

I told her that if it were to be acid or pepper, she would have done the same thing. I just ignored her and moved on. But I was so embarrassed that day, I must confess.” Dele Odule is also a film producer and an unrepentant polygamist who has 10 children from different wives.

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