Stella Damascus Reveals Why Celebrity Marriages Fail


Nollywood actress, Stella Damascus has revealed the major reason for failing relationships especially among celebrities.

The star actress stressed that majority of Nigerians who have troubles in their relationship tend to put more energy in beginning of the relationship but later lose focus at the later stages or during marriages.

According to Stella Damascus:

“A lot of us are guilty of this, Maintaining a relationship means that you have to be selfless. That is one trait that is very scarce to come by these days. It means less of you and more of the other. Unfortunately, we live in a time when we are taught to live, think and do for ourself more, then we can do for others. I pray for the spirit of SELFLESSNESS not just for me but for everyone in Jesus name. Don’t forget to join me on #periscope today for #sdmotivates God bless you all and #happynewweek #atl #nyc #florida #america #africa #stelladamasus #adiva #sdartsfoundation #Godlover”

The star actress made the statement after noticing that many people experience these issues in their marriages and many marriages, especially celebrity marriages have crumbled due to the lack of energy to maintain their relationship.

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