Nollywood star Chidi Mokeme attacks Buhari over fuel subsidy removal

Actor Chidi Mokeme and baby hanging out. Credit: Instagram

Actor Chidi Mokeme and baby hanging out. Credit: Instagram

With the current situation, fuel price has jerked up from N86.50 to N145 and Nigerians have been visibly angry.

One amongst many others expressing their dismay over the increase is Nollywood star Chidi Mokeme who has taken to his Instagram page to vent about the situation.

On Monday, May 16, the actor and reality show host criticized President Buhari on the grounds that his administration is extravagant in itself hence it cannot yank off fuel subsidy whatever the reasons.

Read his full post below:

“Since we are in #SubsidyRemovalSeason, (after Power and Petrol), and before we tamper with VAT, income taxes etc the most beneficial policy to Nigerians at this time will be to stop Subsidising the Champagne and Oppressive lifestyles of elected government officials (NASS should take a 50% cut in ‘Allowances’) and instead increase minimum wage by at least 50% to reflect current realities.

“The Presidency will also do very well to save Nigerians the cost of subsidising a presidential fleet of 9 jets. #EvenTheBritishPm flies BA and I don’t know that there are multiple Airforce One’s for Obama’s use. And please remove ya hand from the matter of fuehh pricing. If you promise marketers dollar @298 and they have to source it by themselves @365 will you epp them pay the balance/deficit? Or readjust the fuehh price again? Back to subsidy?

“And please can we fast track proceedings on the PIB already. And please @PMB, I know ‘you can afford it’ but biko where do you get your Forex cos even @365 I can’t find it. I’ll pay you commission sef walahi. And please do you buy at official rate, inter-bank rate or parallel market rate? #Kontinuu #WhoYouEpp #ChidiSense #Change #RealChange #Discuss.”

The 44-year-old entertainer has enjoyed critical acclaim as the host of the Gulder Ultimate Search reality show.

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