Lioness Captures A Frail Baby Baboon, And What It Does Will Surprise You

Given the nature of the food chain, you would imagine that things would go horribly wrong when a lioness and a baby baboon have an encounter. This story however, is a true testament to the fact that maternal instincts come first and foremost, no matter what species you are.

In this touching story, you discover how about how a baboon lost its mum, and how two animals showed their utmost affection for the baby when times got tough. I suggest you grab your tissues because this is a feel-good story that’ll give you all sorts of feels.

Not What It Looks Like…

The story begins with a mother baboon close to death, clutching onto her baby. The lioness appears and unlike most opportunistic predators, helps the pair of baboons in their time of need. The cat grabs the mother by the scruff of her neck and carries her limp body with her baby.

But it was too late for the mother, but what became of the defenceless baby?

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