Ladies, If Your Boyfriend is Doing Any of These 5 Things, Then Dump Him Immediately

Angry husband and wife

Relationships add spice to life but sometimes they can get sore. If you are still in a relationship you no longer understand, then check out this signs to see if you are ready to move on. remember writing a story about Halle Berry in college that included a mention of her abusive marriage.
Leave smoke” she said at the time recounting her mother’s advice on handling men who mistreat women. For whatever reason, that quote always stuck with me especially as I learned of friends dealing with unhealthy relationships.

Back then, I wondered why they stayed. But as I got older I began to understand, especially when I became one of those women who stayed waaaay past a relationship’s expiration date. And like many other women, I made excuses and didn’t know when enough was enough. Over time and with the help of friends and family who’ve been through similar situations, I learned the major deal breakers to look out for. Yes, we’re talking MAJOR.
Here are five red flags that give you the green light to walk away, even when you’re not 100 percent sure you’re doing the right thing.

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