I Am Going To Have A Baby For My Second Husband" Actress Monalisa Chinda Reveals


Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda was recently unveiled as the cover star for Genevieve Magazine’s May 2016 issue.

The newly married actress in the magazine dishes on her amazing love story with new husband Tonye Coker, how she broke the news to her daughter and life as a single mum in Nigeria.

According to her, being a single mum was a bit of a challenge.

She said, “It is a bit of challenge when you have to do everything yourself. You do your school runs, put on the generator, you cook, go to the stores all by yourself. If your mother is not there to give you advice, you advice yourself or talk to God and for me the Holy Spirit was always guiding me. Marriage is always a better option for any woman who is single in this country. Forget 30, once you attain 35 and counting, men in this country call you a dead engine. In your presence they might pretend to admire you but once your back is turned they are cursing you. The way mature single women are treated in this country is traumatic. If you see a post on a successful single woman, majority of the comments are “Go and marry!” But are they going to marry themselves ? At the same time, women should be open minded about marriage.

On having another child, she said, “I am going to have a baby for him, he deserves it.”

The actress who revealed she met her husband at 14 got married to her husband, Victor February 20, 2016 in a grand ceremony in the popular city of Port Harcourt.

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  1. I thank Lord for this lady who talk about single mother n she says the truth we disafe to get married after all cause even God great a Dam n Even to be one.so even if we are 40s yrs n still single that time ur body burn for the heat remember the old sugar cane is sweater than young one also the old cat love milk that young ones 100%for that Actress

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