Dapper Windscreen Cleaner, Abdulahi, Meets Linda Ikeji & Her Sister Laura (Photos)


Dapper windscreen cleaner Abdulahi met with popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji and her sister Laura Ikeji. Laura shared the photos and wrote….

‘Today my life changed yet again. I met Abdulahi @Abdulahiolatoyan through @officiallindaikeji. May God bless you Linda, I don’t know how you do it. Yall remember the gentleman who cleaned car windscreens wearing suit and tie? Well I met him today and he made me think. With the kinda opportunities I have, I can do more and be more. So, Dear Instagram, I’m bowing out. Don’t wanna be an Instagram celebrity anymore, wanna be more.#somethingbigiscoming thanks Abdulai, thanks @officiallindaikeji and @danielssync’.

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