"I am Born Again, I am no more Mama G"- Patience Ozokwor


Veteran Nollywood Star, Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G, Susu, famously known for her ‘Wicked Mother-In-Law’ roles in movies is now a born again christian, who now goes about, preaching in various churches and crusades.

Starttells caught up with her at a crusade organised by St. Marks Anglican Church in Eziobodo Village of Imo State, where she shared her Salvation Experience.

Here is what she had to say;

According to her, she normally organises a personal retreat for herself in the first few days of the new year, when it was time to have her 2016 retreat, she heard the voice of the Holy Spirit telling her to fast for 21 days, she complained that she have so many projects to handle, Endorsements and movies to shoot within that period, and the Lord extended it to a 30 days fast due to her complaints.

During this fasting period, The Lord revealed to her, how she will be a voice for him all over the world, how people’s attention will be channeled from her image on Nollywood to The Gospel. She said one of the things God warned her on, was her dressing and appearance.

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  1. she must be very stupid to make such statement. if she gave her life to Christ and become born again let her use the remain of her days to worship god not to sit there and begin to conderm other country and other religion MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS

    and would never be so who so ever choose to loose his country to other religion is a choice making so she should shut her mouth up and face her new found faith and stop interfering or meddling in other religion

  2. If she is born again. well and good but does she have to leave her career behind? I am also B.A and I follow my career faithfully. She has a talent which God gave her. come on, St. Luke of the holly bible was a doctor and he followed Jesus. We are not told whether he disowned his profession. Good luck madam Patience

  3. what’s the problem with nigerian people who dont face their own track of life, always finding fault in other’s people’s business.

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