Actress, Dakore Akande Flaunts Belly In White Outfit

Actress, Dakore Akande Flaunts Belly In White Outfit



The star and mother of two looked fab at the Ankara festival in Los Angeles.

…and Someone said, and I quote:

All This Milf Sef…See Her wrinkled belly..she should cover up for Christ’ Sake she’s a mother of 2! Eyaama

Meanwhile, The actress in an interview with Blanck Digital magazine talked about loving her body, wanting bigger boobs and more.

According to her,

“You could have a banging body and a terrible personality. Your banging bods may help you get a man but won’t necessarily keep him. I want to believe that the general driver to look your best is usually for yourself; all other reasons are secondary.”

She also spoke on getting her body back in shape after pregnancy.

She said:

“I used to be very self-conscious but I’m more accepting of myself and my body in general now that I’m older. I will also add that I have more confidence now, simply because I chose to work on the areas of my body I wasn’t happy about; which is something I would always tell anyone who cares to listen. Do you! Right now, I do very little work these days; it’s all about maintaining it and living my best and healthier life.”

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