Wow!! See Photos Of The World Strongest Man And Amazing Things He Can Do [Photos and Video]

Strong dude

An unbelievably strong man has shocked people with his insane display of brute strength and performance of mind-blowing stunts.

Amandeep Singh

The incredible stuntman, Amandeep Singh – nicknamed ‘India’s Iron Man’ – can withstand being run over by a car, lift men with his teeth and break stones with his hands.

Amandeep, who says he ‘doesn’t know what fear looks like’ can also lift a motorbike above his head and smash metal bars across his chest.

The 34-year-old can carry out 2,500 stunts, which have earned him celebrity status – with more than 3,000 youngsters turning up to try out his self defence classes each month.

His heroics have also earned him a place in the India Book of Records – and he is now dreaming of entering the Guinness World Records .

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