Read! Jim Iyke Gave a Bribe and He Brags About Handling it Like a Smart Nigerian

According to the Nollywood actor, he had excess luggage and when the airport staff noted this and asked that he comply with the airline rules, Iyke offered him a bribe and it solved the problem.

Read his story:


This comes just days after the Beat FM boss Chris Ubosi filed a suit against Roc Nation and Rihanna for failing to meet their end of a bargain they reportedly reached in 2013. According to TMZ, the label record representative said Ubosi was scammed, and this led to some sort of celebration among the American blog readers who were happy to see a Nigerian falling victim to similar scam the country is infamous for.

The reactions showed how fraud cases perpetrated by Nigerians abroad have eaten away at the country’s dignity, affecting how Nigerians are perceived abroad.

And so, when the US-based Jim Iyke hopped on his Instagram page to celebrate the fact that he gave a bribe, calling the act a ‘Naija Philosophy’, it calls for worry.

But how are Jim Iyke’s fans, who are mostly Nigerians, reacting to this story? Here’s what they think:

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