Kate Henshaw blasts fan that slid into her DM to apologise after insulting her (See Screenshot of the Message)


Kate Henshaw has made it clear that she isn’t going to condone any internet bullying this year.

She exposed a DM a fan sent to her apologizing for insulting her earlier.

She published a screenshot of the private message and captioned it;

“After they talk trash on your page and you give them a taste of their own medicine, they come to your DM to apologise!” The actress wrote. “Now ‘it’ says she was never a fan and it was because of Baby Michael she became one! Please move away from my page and get a life! What rubbish!!“People talk trash all the time not caring how they make you feel but turn the tables and it’s like ‘oh you are taking it too far…you are too harsh’!! Don’t come for me….I won’t come for you… Simple!”

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