Flavour Reveals Main Reason Why He is Yet To Get Married: “My Colleagues’ Careers Always Start Crashing After Marriage”


For his fans who want him to pick either of his baby mamas to marry, Flavour wants you to know he’s not ready to take that step as it would be a distraction to his career.

“Marriage is not a thing that you just go into. This music business is a serious business. My own opinion, I think if you are in the peak of your career, you don’t need any distraction.
So for now I think marriage could be a distraction for me because it is a whole big institution that when you go in, you have to be fully prepared to know what you are getting into.
And right now looking at everything, its not so easy for me now….and most of my colleagues, whenever they get married, everything starts crashing down.
I keep asking people, have you ever seen a successful musician having a good home and a good career? Its not going to be easy. If you know one, just tell me…” he told


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