Father Dies Saving His Six-Year-Old Daughter From Drowning At The Beach


William Moritz, 28, has lost his life at the Jacksonville beach, Florida trying to save his six year old daughter, Maddy.

He dived into the ocean to rescue her after strong currents pulled her under. Father and daughter were both taken to the hospital where Moritz was pronounced dead while Maddy was given the all-clear.

To make matters even more tragic, his family were preparing to hold a memorial service in honour of his father who died two weeks ago but it has now been cancelled.

Moritz was very close to his father and took Maddy to see him once a year.

Moritz’s mother said in a statement that he was ‘the most kindhearted, selfless person she knew’.

She said: ‘There was never a time he didn’t put others before himself. Anyone could depend on Bill for anything in the world,’ she added.

‘He was the kind of person people were so grateful to have in their life and I was so lucky to have him in mine.

‘His daughter was his world and he always spoke of her with a sparkle in his eyes. He took pride in being a father every day.’


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