Choose Your Style! SEE 5 Hilarious Toasting Styles Nigerian Guys Use For Women

Most Nigerian guys have a lot of growing up to do when it comes to psyching ladies. They have not given up on the weird ways in which they ask ladies out or call out to women.


In this present age and time where there is technological advancement, you will expect some of these Nigerian guys to flow with the tides and be more confident when it comes to asking women out. You would even expect some of them to be brave and summon the courage to walk up to women.

Moving on to the ridiculous ways in which men approach women in Nigeria, you will laugh at some of the things they use as their pickup lines. Women on the other hand are tired of hearing the same old story and are more likely to turn down whoever approaches them with lame lines.

1. The whistlers

Nigerian guys in this group are usually the touts and agberos you see around. They would rather hang around in groups and make noise when they see a pretty lady walk by. You will not even be sure of the one that has interest in the babe as they would keep making funny sounds with their mouths.

If you the lady looks in their direction, they would be inspired to throw lewd and bawdy remarks at her. If she ignores them, they would insult her and her generation.

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