7 Perfect Agege Bread Combos

Like it or hate it, agege bread is one serious food Nigerians consume.

Growing up, we used to eat agege bread for breakfast on Sunday when we forgot to buy sliced bread on our way from church. The agege bread sellers were everywhere strutting their stuff like Olajumoke and well, they were quite tasty so there you have your answer.


We’re not here to tell you why agege is king but rather a few perfect Nigerian combinations.

As you know agege is not solely good for tea, there are about a million things that go well with agege bread but we’ll limit it to five today.




Go to any buka that sells ewa-agoyin and you’ll find they’re selling agege bread to go with it. It’s like wearing aso-ebi with matching purse and shoes. And then you see people take it down with a bottle of cold pure water. Yum



When we ate agege bread at home, it was mostly with fried egg. The normal way to eat this is to create a hole in the bread and ‘pour’ the egg into it. Talk about a homemade burger.



The akara and agege bread experience is so real and so beautiful. Just like fried egg, you have to create a hole to put the akara and then taste the goodness and the mouthgasms that come afterwards.

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