“All I Want Is My Family”, Paul Okoye Spills On Why PSquare Really Broke Up!


Paul Okoye just had an emotional breakdown on Instagram and he spilled some serious tea about the PSquare breakup!

His emotion laden post came shortly after celebs like Mercy Johnson and DJ Spinall begged them not to split up, but Paul doesn’t care about all of that. All he wants is his family! Alongside a pic of him crying on stage he also dished that the issues with the group have nothing to do with Jude and everything to do with the twins, claiming all this started when he (Paul) started pushing his first solo act – Muno on Rudeboy Records.

He wrote;

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  1. May God torch your brother’s heart so that he can come back so the u people can continue as family again.if not ur parents will never be happy where they are.may God bring unity between u people in Jesus name!!! Amen

  2. I’m really touched by Paul’s words and my only pray is the three brothers should come together to do the work. I love Psquare alot. Please come together again.

  3. Pls u guys should conduct prayer in ur family cos I know ur mummy as one of d prayer type so do it in dat house, I mean deliverance,yes dat is d only solution 2 resolve ur issues cos devil has entered dia 2 kill,destroy n steal d joy of dat home.Pls u guys should put head 2gather n do dis deliverance n things will be OK.

  4. I just read a comment from uncle peter of psquare he said he has no issue wit Paul BT d management he went further saying DAT is artiste DAT employs d manager not d other way round

  5. Take a look at us your crazy fans.. dying in heartbreak and tears, what is happening to u brothers? If I don’t hear psquare’s new hit on December I will kill my self

  6. Bro Paul n peter , there’s nothing like family. Ur plz cm back 2gether cuz d devil is busy n he wan 2 destroy wat u brothers have built up together.. I’m prayin 4 u guys cuz ur are my favorite stars…

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