Peter Okoye Finally Reveals The Only Thing That Can End The Bitter PSquare Split


So, PSquare’s Former Manager, Howie T, has revealed in a new chat with NetNg, the only thing that can end the bitter Psquare split, and make the brothers, Paul and Peter Okoye work together as a team again.

The Nigerian pop duo, Psquare, has already gone their separate ways, flaunted different managements and released solo songs after a fallout involving their elder brother Jude Okoye on social media. In turn, their actions caused a lot of drama and left fans praying for Africa’s most beloved pop group. held a phone conversation with Howie T and in it, Howie revealed Peter’s side of the story and the only condition for a Psquare reunite.

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  1. I may not know too much but hei guys look at where you have been till today. And besides you guys your stronger together. Which devil is working in you two

  2. I’ve never thought of you going seperate ways guys. You’re better off together. Think about a reunion plesae

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