”How My Brothers Ganged Up Against Me & Jude Threatened To Slap Me” – Peter Okoye

Nna ehn! This is too long! Even me myself, I couldn’t read it all! I’d have to go back to read the rest, so Join me!

Peter Okoye had an explosive interview two days ago, before his twin brother Paul Okoye’s emotional plea today, and he revealed a lot of messy details! I hope y’all are ready to be amazed!


Fighting back tears, Peter became the first of the Okoye brothers to approach a media outfit and reveal all that has been a private issue for years. He told Thenet.ng that Psquare fans must understand that this is the end of the band, as they know it.

‘The truth is’, he says, as his daughter Aliona comes in, seeking help to fix her toy, ‘the fans should be happy that we were able to drop the ‘Double Trouble’ album in 2014. What’s happening now should have happened then.

‘The issue was the fact that I was in Psquare and it felt like I was in fear. If I don’t do
this, Psquare will break-up, if I don’t do that, Psquare will scatter.’

To be honest with you, I feel if our mum was still alive, we would have pushed her to her grave with this whole thing. It’s really sad that even with everything going on, I still stand with Paul’.

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