OMG!!! Here Are Shocking Deathbed Confessions That The World Should Hear


Imagine keeping a secret so heinous that you couldn’t tell anyone you love…and holding it in until death. On a deathbed, many people feel safe enough to let their secrets out, knowing they will face whatever comes next with a clear conscience. Here are some famous examples of people that had to get something off their chest in their final hour. Some of these are truly shocking.

1.) Geraldine Kelly Confessed To The Murder Of Her Husband.

After years of domestic abuse, Geraldine Kelly shot her husband and hid his body in this freezer, where it remained for seven years. She told her children that a car hit him. In 2004, when she was in her final stages of terminal breast cancer, Geraldine admitted the fate of her husband to her daughter. The police found the freezer in a California storage unit, John Kelly’s body completely mummified.

2.) Lieutenant Walter Haut Confessed To The Secrets of Area 51.

2.) Lieutenant Walter Haut Confessed To The Secrets of Area 51.

In 2006, the media officer at the Roswell, New Mexico site, where an alien space vessel supposedly crashed-landed in 1947, claimed on his deathbed that he saw actually saw an alien spacecraft and two alien bodies in Area 51. He also claimed that an extensive cleanup operation took place to keep everything secret.
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