Legendary 82 years Old Nollywood Actress Bukky Ajayi Still As Young As Ever (Photos)


On Monday, February 2, 2015, was the birthday of a living legend in the Nigerian film industry, Bukky Ajaiyi. The veteran actress was part of the now rested Village Headmaster series, which is regarded as one of the best local movie that aired in Nigeria.

Though Bukky Ajayi does not feature in most films as some people would have expected, but she still honours few ones she cannot reject.

She started her career many years ago as an an announcer, presenter and newscaster at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). She studied at the Stanislavsky Institute of Drama, London. Today, she is a great grandmother.

Hurry! This Legendary Nollywood actress Bukky Ajayi is 82 years young and counting lets give as much like and Amen and may god continue to bless her.





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