War In Nollywood As Another Actress Insults Mercy Johnson & Ini Edo

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War In Nollywood As Another Actress Insults Mercy Johnson & Ini Edo

The truth is that I might stop publishing updates about afrcandy very soon. I am starting to feel that she is an attention seeker. A few days that she posted on her Facebook page that her fellow Nollywood actresses Ini Edo and Mercy Johnson were nobody when she started acting. The funny thing is that it is only of recent that I started hearing about Afrocandy, I have never seen any of her movie before and she has the gods to open her big mouth and insult 2 of Nollywood’s finest actresses. In her own words, she said:

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  1. Mercy and ini Edo I love u guys but most of all God loves u more remember when u progress people will always hate,and your haters should be your biggest funs they can’t stand the fact that u good,if u are good,u good in life we all start 4rom somewhere even 4 one 2 be president they had their own falls some come 4rom poor families but becoz God has given them telents of being a leader,they use it and prosper ever thing on earth comes 4rom a small seed which must grow,they are steps and stages in life we ought 2 follow she’s if God says yes nobody can say no ,even b4 we could have entenal life Jesus our had 2 go through in the hands of evil even if he was innocent it should be jealousy is her middle name let her take and she will watch God bless u richly. #u God’s own let your success make more noise if she can’t stand u let her commit sucide 4 it is cheap

  2. Who can talk infront of Mercy Johnson to start with,that God given talent and no one can take it away from her,Jeoulosy only makes u nasty,Amen

  3. Mercy johnson am really in luv with u,how i wish u could be my friend/sister i would have be greatful to u,by the way how are ur kids my regards to them all

  4. ohh mercy johnson, u always make me glad with you difinitly when ever i watch your movies, and your posted pictures on facebook you are really admirabe, lovable, and attractive i wish to be with u one day.

  5. Who be dis again? Plz can u do me a favor by padding ur mouth because is leaking plz afrocandy or wat ever u call urself don’t care… Wen pple are talking u’re coughing plz respect urself old age abeg

  6. Mercy johnson and ini edo you are my greatest and best actresses ever, tell that hater that she’s just jeolous that gets her talking rubbish cause you are so many steps ahead of her and she can’t reach your level. May God hav mercy on her prishing soul. I just love you guys

  7. Mercy Johnson n ini edo Plx Dnt pay attention to dat loser n loose de glory of God ….Dix x pure jealousy cox it x obvious u guyz r beta Dan her

  8. Ilove da two actresses they make luv Nigeria thou am not anigerian,so mindless about negative minded pipo

  9. mercy Johnson nd INI Edo pls don’t them they r jealous of ur progress who God has bless no afrocandy can stop it @mercy i which I can see u in person i love u so much keep it up

  10. Who is that biatch makin noise?there is light just go hug transformer it is the fastest way to kill jealousy.my mercy all the way,u gallant like a soldier.ini, i love u paaaaah.

  11. ini and mercy all the way, they most bad mouth you bcos they are jealous and they can never be like you people. I love you guy to the bone my best actress

  12. Are you OK don’t tel me your jealous of them, you were before who are you nw , have not seen any of your movies befor and you think you can talk about people the way you like . I think you need to gown up to me mercy is a great woman , and that’s what I call her great woman.

  13. Mercy Johnson all The way nothing do you sha God dey your side you gallant my Queen afrocandy go die who no you live gallant mercy Bby you too much

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