"My wife is the only reason I am Majid Michel"- Majid Michel

Majid Michel has revealed that that his wife of 10 years, Virna Michel is mostly responsible for his success. In a lengthy post on his Instagram page on November 19, the Ghanaian star opens up on what makes his marriage work.

“If you have to say something special to your wife, what will you say to her?” the actor aske on Instagram, “My wife is the only reason I am Majid Michel. My wife is responsible for me being Majid Michel. She is the reason I’m Majid Michel. I mean, apart from God, second to God physically, if she never supported me or never understood my job, there’s no way I could have made it.”

He then goes on to explain how ‘character’ could help our communities… “When you go everywhere, people talk about principles of organizational development, and how to keep it going, but no one talks about character. Character comes from the word statue, a statue is something that has been fixed, it doesn’t change, and it is stable. If you see the image of Kwame Nkrumah at the museum, his statue is standing in one position, doing forward ever, backward never. When it’s raining, or there is hurricane, it is always in the same position, doing the same thing, it is stable. It doesn’t change, that is what you call character. That is what builds character. ”

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  1. May god heal you and protect you by hes mercy and grace hes a good father who doesn’t live or forsake us in jesus name amen

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