The Four Major Causes Of Smelly Priva.te Part In Women


YEAST INFECTION: A yeast infection very common, Many women are victims. They present signs like BV, as well as addition of a white thick discharge. To treat yeast infection, you need with one- or three-course vaginal anti-fungal treatments, so avoid any antibiotics as they will not cure it. You can find them in any medical store around.Also one thing about treating yeast infection is that those treatments always get messy, so the best option is to use them overnight.

BACTERIAL VA-GINOSIS: Just like yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most and very common cause of vaginal odor. Every woman v**ina naturally is filled with occurring bacteria, and the overgrowth of those occuring bacteria is BV. It is common in women especially in their reproductive years which the experts says, they experience at least one case of bacterial vaginosis. Acoording to experts the cause is yet to be known but frequent douching and unprotected s*x can put a woman at a higher risk. Other signs and symptoms include soreness, itching and discharge. Thou it is said the some BV issue go on their own but I recommends that every women with BV symptoms should visit their doctor for treatment to prevent serious complications and be care of where you take your medication. As Treatment for bacteria viaginosis is as simple as a course of antibiotics.

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