How My Father Mistakenly F**ked Me…But He was So Sweet!

It All started like a joke and i didnt know that it would be that serious.
My dad is a very jovial man,he likes making fun,cracking jokes and
telling me stories. That day, was not any different from others,as
things went on normally as planned. My dad came home early as
usual and we started our daily mother had traveled because
she is a business woman who travels countries seling and buying

A question that i asked my dad made me regret the day I was born.
As the firstborn and the only child of my parents I had much curiosity
and I always believed that my dad had solution to any problem. Well,I
wasn’t far from the truth for what I asked for is what I was given. For
years my father had tought me to be a respectful girl,to work hard
and buy him a car.

That night I was full of curiosity and I asked him “dad,how are babies
made?” “It involves a man and a woman for a baby to be created” he
answered. Curiosity increased in me and I asked him “can you show
me dad please?”

To the bedroom we went and he explained things to me, he showed
me his p*n*s and told me that it is normally inserted inside a
woman’s reproductive organs “as he called it”.

He then told me to lie down so that he can show me everything. I
swear to God,I didn’t know what went wrong. My dad was on me
ridding me seriously. It was very painfull and i never told my mother.
Since that day,I live to respect him.What he did to me is what I will
never forget.

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