Any Lady Can Be Seduce Using This Tricks

Read her silent signals for a not-so-quiet time in bed tonight!

See eye to eye

The wrong signal: She’s caught your eye.
The right one: It’s good if she holds your gaze for approximately 20 seconds and also looks you up and down. A cocked eyebrow with a slight smile says player, while an interest in conversation is indicated by dilated pupils.

A grin deal

The wrong signal: She’s smiling at you.
The right one: Do her eyes crinkle when she smiles? If so, then that smile’s a genuine one. Back up if her lips are stretched all across her face in a straight line-that’s a tight-lipped smile saying, ‘I’m barely tolerating you right now. If her pupils are not fixated on you when she’s smiling, she’s just not interested.

Play footsie
The wrong signal: A crossed knee and ankles.

The right one: Slightly separating her legs when seated is a sure sign. The more frequently she crosses and uncrosses her legs while facing the man, the more she is warming up! And when sitting with legs crossed, the higher she crosses her legs over her thighs, the stronger the s’exual signal.

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